Babe #3 - Wedding Bells (1948)

Continuing with Boody Rogers' stories from Babe #3 from 1948, "The Mysterious Case of the Dented Cuspidor ~or~ Wedding Bells" (starring Babe and Lippy Hootnholler) starts five hundred miles after the "Dying King" ended. Babe arrives home with Pappy under her arm is as limp as "a ol' dirty dishrag." Luckily Mammy has a fresh batch of Lightnin' Juice brewing and Babe takes a small drink to charge up. Meanwhile Babe's promised husband, Lippy Hootnholler ("--gag gag--"), is getting fed up with trying to cut down a tree with a rubber axe. She takes pity on him, and tells him about the rubber axe. Lippy decides to get a new axe, and they agree they'll be married "--gag gag--" once Lippy has built a cabin.

Returning to the cabin Babe finds Mammy exploring King Phillip's royal jewel box. There are a lot of "purty pieces of colored glass," and a solid gold cuspidor. Pappy believes a cuspidor is a hat, so he swaps it for his own. Just then the Lightnin' Juice is hot enough for Babe to finish the batch, which she does. She bursts out the door and across the forest, accidentally knocking down enough trees for Lippy to build his cabin.

As the family commences the nuptials Mr. Teapot arrives to rush Babe to Brookdale so she can play in the World Series the next day ("We've go to beat those New York Hanks!"). Lippy won't let her play, so Mr. Teapot decides to do something about it. They convince Lippy to wear Pappy's new hat, but first it has to be hung up by the door. Mr. Teapot nails it to the cabin, and when Lippy retrieves it he knocks the whole structure to the ground. Accordingly "th' code of th' hills say, 'No cabin, no wife.'" Thus, Mr. Teapot and Babe head for the World Series.

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