"A History of Violence" by John Wagner and Vince Locke

I just read "A History Of Violence". Cripes it's gripping! I'd seen ads for the movie with Viggo Mortensen, but wasn't that intrigued. Then I saw the book at the local library and consumed it standing up in less than an hour. I was shaky with adrenaline by the last page.

The art is sketchy, and sometimes some of the characters look the same, but the writing and dialog is distinctive, and the subject matter gripping. A man who's escaped his past of organized crime stops a robbery at work. His heroic actions attract the mob's attentions, and he and his family are threatened.

The last time I felt this was about a story was when I sat in the first row at "Goodfellas," and drank a 32oz Coke on an empty stomach. Read the graphic novel and get jazzed! (Buy it online at Powell's books.)

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