Babe #3 - Babe and the Dying King - Part 2 (1948)

In the 2nd part of "Babe and the Dying King" the vassals find Babe and declare: "Long live the Queen-- at least until we can get her plasma." They ask babe to give her plasma to help save King Phillip. She's uncertain whether she has any royal plasma, but goes anyway. "Pappy an' me is goin' t' th' city -- a man is sick and needs my help!"

The innocent Babe doesn't understand they need every drop of her blood, but she tries to warn them that Lightnin' Juice flows in her blood, and King Baggypants is liable to hit the ceiling when he gets it.

The image I remember most from this whole comics is where Babe turns pale white and dies as the last of her blood is transferred to King Phillip. As the Lightnin' Juice spiked blood hits his veins he leaps into the air, smiles, kicks his heels together and collapses, dead of a broken neck.

Unfortunately since the king left no heir, the vassals decide to revive his nearest blood relative: Babe (they had the same blood running in their veins). They transfuse some of Pappy's blood into Babe and in the King's honor they bestow the royal jewels, and treasury of Boomania at Babe's disposal. But, all Babe can think of is her mammy's fried rabbit, so she picks up Pappy and walks the 500 miles home.

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