Dear Comics Diary, 2010

Cover of "J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biog...Cover of J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic BiographyBetter late than never, here's my twitter diary of comics I read in 2010.
This list doesn't contain many of the single issue comics I read, just the compendiums and TPBs.

1/4/2010    Start the new year right with 'The Golden Age of DC Comics: 365 Days' by Les Daniels & Chip Kidd      
1/17/2010    "Reading ""Crisis on Infinite Earths"" compendium. ridiculously complete history of the creation"  
1/30/2010    "Iron Man vs Dr Doom... explosions, intrigue, Camelot and time travel. Should be great, but I'm just not that into it."       
1/30/2010    Read Hunter X Hunter #3 last night. Related to Battle Royale?
1/31/2010    Reading 2 vol. set of Humbug magazine. I <3 the annotations @ end. Exclnt companion to this. 2/4/2010    "Reading ""The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels"" Nice basic list of 60 graphic novels + discussion of  graphic novels
2/4/2010    "Read 'The Flash: Emergency Stop' last night. Fun story with ""The Suit."" Also the ""Speed Force"" uniform."
2/10/2010    "The ""Incal Noir"" by Moebius & Jodorowsky is one of the best sci-fi graphic novels IMHO"   
2/16/2010    "Reading 'Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters: Brave New World'. Good story, despite mutations. A luscious Phantom Woman."   
2/18/2010    "Just discovered Naoki Urasawa's ""20th Century Boys"" #manga series. I'm hooked"
2/18/2010    20th century boys...for some reason I want to relate this to Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner. Why?      
2/18/2010    About to read Batman: R.I.P. by Grant Morrison       
2/18/2010    "I'm 1/2way thru ""Big Man Japan"". Mockumentary re: bygone days of monster fighters. sad,funny, odd #manga #japan"
2/20/2010    "The 2nd reading of Batman RIP makes more sense, but the story still has some odd gaps"   
2/20/2010    "You caught me looking at "The Devil's Panties Volume 2"    
2/20/2010    Kim Deitch is always a master. The art & story on 'Alias the Cat' enthrall me. Waldo is a devil!     
2/21/2010    "Finished "Big Man Japan" The ending confused the kids--they haven't seen enough old monster movies vis a vis Ultraman"   
2/24/2010    Nosing around TFAW in Milwaukie. Picked up the last copy they had of Stumptown #2. 2/25/2010    Reading comics w/the covers over my head: Countdown to Final Crisis. Mary Marvel just got powers back frm Black Adam      
3/5/2010    Blog post: Reviews of what I read in February
3/6/2010    "On Vol 4 of Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys -- getting intense, building obstacles"
3/7/2010    Reading "J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography" by Rick Geary. 100 pg bio of the FBI "director for life."  
3/7/2010    Fact: In 1960 the FBI had only 5 black employees, all servants to the director.      
3/7/2010    Fact: in 1920 Hoover oversaw the detention of 6,328 immigrants as subversives. Only 1000 found ""guilty"" & none deported
3/7/2010    Geary's artwork on "Hoover" manages to be both utilitarian & occasionally impressionistic!    
3/7/2010    what would Kirk do? 'Goats The Corndog Imperative' by Jonathan Rosenberg   
3/11/2010    Reading "Diana prince:wonder woman" in Comics Journal #299."   
3/16/2010    picked up Green Lantern #47 at #eccc10. Convoluted story by John Broome, art by Gil Kane . Loved it.       
3/16/2010    I'd never read any of the "Pol Manning" GL stories
3/19/2010    BridgeCityComx Hey-o! Scott Pilgrim fans, listen up... the wait is over Vol. 6 is coming on July 20!
3/20/2010    Got this by Rucka & Lieber at #eccc10. Lieber said he was paid to stay away during film production
3/20/2010    Reading Stumptown #2 by Greg Rucka & Matt Southworth. Lots of #pdx scenery in the detective story       
3/20/2010    "Reading Siege #1. Allusions to Iraq intel, Oklahoma city bombing, religious right"       
3/20/2010    "Earlier I re-read Ellie Connelly ""preview"" --like a Victorian mystic tintin in america"    http://www.ellieconnelly.com
3/24/2010    Reading the "New Avengers, Vol. 1" by Brian Michael Bendis"
3/27/2010    Reading 'A Wrinkle in Time' to my 4th grader
3/27/2010    Finally reading 'The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers.' Seen 'em as a kid. Yes, they're still bizarre."
3/27/2010    Just read 'Avengers Disassembled.'
3/27/2010    Next up: 'Whiteout Vol. 1' by Rucka & Lieber. I just read why she killed her husband...sort of.
3/29/2010    The bizarre book of Boody Rogers   
3/31/2010    Still reading Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys. Finished 5,6,7. Getting 8 & 9 next. How many volumes are there?"
3/31/2010    While I'm reading Naoki Urasawa's, I figured I'd also try his "Monster" Anyone hooked on that?"
4/1/2010    with Identity Crisis, Brad [Meltzer] was working out some serious personal issues heh."   
4/4/2010    Nice turn of the story by Gaiman on "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" Did not disappoint a tried & true fan
4/4/2010    Also liked addt'l material esp. "Pavane" & "Black & White World". All stories tended to be a bit talky."
4/12/2010    Avengers on the brain! "Secret Invasion" last night, Avengers, Vol. 2 tonight"
4/21/2010    Looking forward to the release of 'Wally Gropius' by Tim Hensley. Reminds me of European "BD"s like tintin"
4/23/2010    Get the 1st chapter of Sarah Oleksyk's story "Ivy" free. Sarah will be at stumptown comics fest #pdxcomics"  
5/18/2010    Read Yoshihiro Tatsumi's 'Black Blizzard'. Cinematic, I can see why he called it #gekiga, not #manga"
5/18/2010    Here's an excerpt from 'Black Blizzard'.
5/18/2010    gekiga -> manga is akin to Will Eisner calling his work 'graphic novels' as opposed to "comic books""    
5/20/2010    Surprised by "The Farewell Appearance of Daphne Dean in 'The Flash Archives Vol 4'. Thot I'd read all the early Flash"
5/2/2010    Reading Veitch's 'The Maximortal,' a twisted vision of a "real" superman incl. Einstein, Oppenheimer & a faux Disney
5/12/2010    Finished Deitch's 'Shadowland'. Holy crud! "DaVinci Code"? More like a "Dali Code"! Amazine story & art!
5/12/2010    Reading 'Shadowland'. One review on Amazon says "This is Deitch's DaVinci code.""   
5/14/2010    So, I started to read the #manga Old Boy. Vol 1 was intriguing. Maybe the female lead gets more believable    
5/23/2010    Reading Chris Ware's 'Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth'
6/1/2010    Looks good! RT: @comicinfo: As FEAR AGENT Ends, Writer Rick Remender Reveals Secrets"  
6/1/2010    Read 'Ghost World: Special Edition' last night. Good, but essentially GW + screenplay with some extras. 
6/1/2010    re-reading the comic makes me want to watch the movie again...'Ghost World'
6/1/2010    Also read 'Mercury' by Hope Larson. Good story. The art style grew on me as I read it.   
6/1/2010    Just read 'Brat Pack' by Rick Veitch --  definite talent for the gross & twisted. A mature tale of sidekicks gone bad
6/5/2010    Got 'Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka' @ the library. Did not realize it was vol. 6. Great stuff    want to start from beginning
6/5/2010    I read 1/2 of 'Persepolis' today. Surprisingly full of insight & humor. The art is honest & clean
6/6/2010    Saw they've got "20th Century Boys" dvd out. I'll have to rent it at Movie Madness #manga
6/8/2010    Reading 'Tales of the Fear Agent'-- great! 2-4 page sci-fi/noir tales reminiscent of 50's EC comics, with a bite."
6/13/2010    Reading 'Nightwing & Flamebird Vol. 1' by Greg Rucka, looking forward to vol 2."    http://amzn.to/dy1WtJ 
6/16/2010    Cool! Another Portland comic. I've been reading Stumptown #pdxcomics
6/17/2010    Yes! reading 'Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys, Vol. 8' tonight for bedtime."   
6/17/2010    Also, if I stay awake long enough: 'Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, Vol. 1'. Start from the beginning this time"
6/18/2010    'Carl Barks: Conversations' is a fun, occasionally repetitive set of interviews w/Barks. Great to hear his perspective" 
6/18/2010    'Carl Barks: Unmasking the Myth of Modernity' is a bit heavier, but still good bio. I preferred 'Conversations'
6/21/2010    Dan Clowes says 'Wally Gropius' is his "favorite book of the year by a wide margin..." I'm gonna buy it
6/21/2010    If you love Archie comics, prepare to be shocked by 'The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo'. Scandalous! (tee hee)
6/23/2010    on the nightstand: 'Hopeless Savages Volume 2' by @Hopelessjen and Bryan Lee O'Malley.   
6/25/2010    Read 'Pluto:Urasawa x Tezuka Vol 3'. 8 vol. series is a retelling of "Greatest Robot on Earth"   
6/25/2010    Interesting the way Urasawa re-imagines the story- art more "realistic" vs Tezuka's almost iconic style."  
6/27/2010    Reading 'Haunted' by Philippe Dupuy. compelling scribbles, dredging up funny, dreamlike stories. running themes
6/27/2010    Haunted's running = pun (ow!) recurring plot of running, & themes that reappear. pits, art, dogs, guts, gaps, & forest friends
6/30/2010    Started 'Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol. 1' by Matt Fraction last night. Good bio-terror/Iron man/Stane plot
7/7/2010    Boing boing mentioned 'Basil Wolverton's Culture Corner' today. Great stuff!
7/20/2010    'Werewolves of Montpellier' looks good. I'll have to check it out.
7/30/2010    Sir, I am a poet. (Drew Weing's "Set to Sea")"   
8/1/2010    Jean Craighead George = great kid eco-writer. 'Who Really Killed Cock Robin?' = one of my favorite 5th grade books
8/9/2010    Summer reading? Try 'Consider Phlebas' by Iain Banks. Episodic like Star Trek, yet 'way more graphic.
8/9/2010    'The Atrocity Archives' by Charles Stross is what happens when the "IT crowd" meets Cthulu.
8/9/2010    'The Jennifer Morgue' was more cohesive than "Atrocity Archives". If Ian Fleming played D&D..."
8/13/2010    Reading 'Naoki Urasawa's Monster #1'. Bit melodramatic, but not what I expected. Surgeon tracks a psycho killer
8/13/2010    'Temperance' sounds like a graphic novel spawn in the vein of philip dick.
8/14/2010    read 'Werewolves of Montpellier' last night. Clean art, laconic style, sparse dialog, nice story.
8/14/2010    1 reservation re:'Werewolves': the stylistic characters (crows, dogs, bunnies) all looked too similar
8/14/2010    Now I want to read more by Jason: 'I Killed Adolf Hitler': assassin goes back in time, Hitler steals time machine.
8/14/2010    More Jason 'The Left Bank Gang': Cartoonists Hemingway, Pound, Fitzgerald & Joyce struggle in Paris
8/25/2010    Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me. I still want this
8/26/2010    Read 'The Left Bank Gang' last night. Hemingway, Fitzgerald & Pound as starving cartoonists in 20's Paris, w/a twist
8/26/2010    Also started 'X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine'. Can't believe I've never read this story
9/2/2010    Note to self: Read 'The Best American Comics Criticism' 2010.
9/3/2010    Action is character. F Scott Fitz. shoulda been writing comics. An alternative: Jason's "Left Bank Gang"
9/8/2010    @GNReporter talks w/Cathy Malkasian re: Temperance. If you like allegory (eg Narnia Chronicles) you might like this 
9/9/2010    Reading 'Petey & Pussy'. Crazy foul-mouthed cat & dog w/bald men heads have adventures. Weird!
9/10/2010    I've been reading quite a bit of Jason lately. Would you say he's of the Franco-Belgian school
9/11/2010    My reviews of "I Killed Hitler", "Left Bank Gang" and "Werewolves of Montpellier".
9/13/2010    Peter Bagge's Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me = funny+thoughtful. I eschew Libertarian politics but he has some great points
9/25/2010    Amazon says 'X'ed Out' by Charles Burns will be out in October. Anyone read an early review copy? Looks good
9/26/2010    'The Last Musketeer' is a cartoon movie serial, mixing 3 musketeers, robots & alien invasions, yet still chivalrous
9/26/2010    I found 'You Can't Get There From Here' the least engaging. Frankenstein & monster have girl troubles.
9/26/2010    'Tell Me Something', similar to "Living & Dead", minus the zombies, plus thieves. Somehow more engaging."
9/26/2010    'Meow, Baby!' Jason strip & short gag stories w/mummies, skeletons, zombies & angels. In vein of laconic Gary Larson"
9/26/2010    'Almost Silent' by Jason collects "Meow, Baby" "Tell Me Something" "You Can't Get there..." & "The Living & The Dead"
9/26/2010    'Pocket Full of Rain' is Jason's "origin story." Collected from "Mjau Mjau" magazine, interesting in its unevenness."
9/26/2010    If you like silent films, romance flicks, or zombie movies, check out 'The Living and the Dead'. A sweet tale."    
9/26/2010    Bits of weekend were filled with Jason's blank-eyed dog/crow people. After 3 books (see link) wanted to fill the set...    
9/26/2010    'Hey, Wait...' is Jason's "A Separate Peace" carried through to the end.
10/1/2010    Been reading Rucka's 'Queen & Country Vol. 1'. Tight spy action in vein of Le Carre, but with strong female character. 
10/1/2010    Now 'Queen & Country Vol 2' I'm liking Carla Speed McNeil's rendition of characters. None of the art pulls any punches 
10/2/2010    Some comics I'm a total sucker for. eg: 'Tom Strong' is Doc Savage re-imagined w/a polyethnic/species cast  
10/2/2010    Also Peter Bagge's 'Apocalypse Nerd'. Gotta love it 'cause he takes pot-shots at everyone, an epic Hate-fest
10/8/2010    Underground, by Jeff Parker & Steve Lieber, mentioned on BoingBoing today    
10/13/2010    Anyone disillusioned w/voting this fall _must_ read 'Citizen Vince'. Gangsters v Pols in this Reagan era novel     
10/23/2010    Reading 'Ocean' by Warren Ellis. Cool hard-tech solar system space thriller.  
10/29/2010    Steve Lieber & Jeff Parker's "Underground" in glorious black & white."    
11/16/2010    Getting 'The Freak Brothers Omnibus' for my birthday. Of all the drug-culture #comix, these guys are the funniest   
11/16/2010    Also got 'Best American Comics Criticism'. Interesting love/HATE piece on Spider-man by Peter Bagge, & other essays
11/17/2010    The Freak Brothers showed up on my doorstep today    
11/25/2010    Lying in bed reading the 'The Freak Brothers Omnibus'   
12/4/2010    Reading Greg Rucka's "Queen & Country vol 3." Then going to get an x-mas tree  
12/4/2010    Later... I'll pick up Naoki Urasawa's "20th Century Boys, Vol. 11". The twists & turns of the story are compelling
12/14/2010    Reading '3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man.' a 3-sided tale of a poor giant hired by the CIA in the 60's.   
12/14/2010    Naoki Urasawa's '20th Century Boys' is still compelling @ vol 11. How many more? Some twists in this one!
12/15/2010    Some musings on "3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man" #graphicnovels #comics"    
12/20/2010    Reading 'CHEW Vol. 1.' Mix of humor, sci-fi, "men in black" & cannibalism (mostly humor). Hard for some to stomach?
12/20/2010    Also on my "to read" pile: Chester Brown's "Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography" Looks great!"    
12/29/2010    Jason's "dead mickey"
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