Boys, Girls Men, Women! The World is on FIRE

Who could ignore an ad with a headline like this: "Boys, Girls Men, Women! The World is on FIRE. Serve The LORD and you can have these Prizes! (You can make money too!)"?

I found this ad from the FUNMan corporation on the back of Charlton "Strange Suspense Stories" #18 from 1954. The text reads:

"We will send you the wonderful prizes pictured on this page... or dozens of others, such as jewelry, radium dial wrist watches, tableware, tools, U-Make-It kits, leather kits, sewing kits, electric clocks, pressure cookers, scout equipments, model airplanes, and many others...all WITHOUT ONE PENNY OF COST. Crime, sin, graft, wars are the greatest they have ever been. Our leaders say a reawakening of Christianity is needed to save us. You can do your share by spreading the gospel into every home in your community. Merely show your friends and neighbors inspiring, beautiful Religious Wall Motto plaques. Many buy six or more to hang in every room. An amazing value, only 35cents... sell on sight. Secure big, cash commissions or exciting prizes for selling few as one set of 24 Mottos. Big Prize catalog sent Free! Serve the LORD and earn prizes you want."

Never mind about the radium dial wrist watches, just the name kills me: The FUNMan's Fun Club. Who could resist?  "Send No Money...We Trust You"!