Babe #3 - Babe and the Dying King - Part 1 (1948)

After reviewing "Boody: The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers" I wanted to represent an entire Babe comic book so you can get the feel of the continuing story line. The rhythm of the stories is just as interesting as the art, and Boody strings together episodic stories that are linked, but not tightly bound (much like the cover of my copy! lol). I chose Babe #3 from 1948.

The first story is called "Babe and the Dying King," and it has a theme that oddly resonates with Easter. King Phillip Baggypants the 9th king of Boomania and High Sultan of the Lowlands (also supreme drip of Faucetville and mighty monarch of all that grows, turns green or rusts) has been brought to America for treatment of a fatal disease called Royal Purple Lonesome Corpuscle. This is a blood disease that only affects people of royal birth and only a complete transfusion from another royal ruler will save him.
King: "You mean the person must give me all his life's fluid?"
Vassal: "That is correct -- he must die for you to live"
Meanwhile, in Babe's peaceful little valley in the Ozarks they're having a "hawg-callin' contest."

Babe's powerful lungs win her the title "Queen of th' Hawgs," and she even gets her "pitcher" in the "big city papers". At this point the king's regents discover "Queen Babe Boone" and approach her for help.

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