Public Service Comics: Transportation

Here are some more Public Service comics. Click on any picture to see it in more detail.

The Wonder Book of Rubber from BF Goodrich Co, 1947. The splash page proclaims: "Wherever you live - - wherever you go -- quality rubber products are close by." This was just after WWII, and while there was a shortage of rubber due to the Japanese occupying prime rubber producing areas in Southeast Asia, a lot of work had been done on harvesting natural rubber from Brazil, and developing synthetic rubber from petrochemicals. After the war the US economy was primed for growth, and people were ready to buy cars, household goods, clothes, all of which needed... you guessed it: Rubber!

I'm not sure how I got this copy of Sprocket Man, copyright 1976 by Urban Scientific and Education Research (USER?). It's a fun comic with tips on safe cycling in an urban environment, and it still applies today! There's nothing for sale in this comic -- it's purely an educational tool on how to keep you and your bike safe in the city. PS: don't lock your bike to a tree. That'll end with the loss of both a bike and a tree!

It's the beginning of a wonderful relationship: American Honda Presents: Supergirl in cooperation with the US Department of Transportation's National Safety Belt Campaign
DC Comics, 1986. The inside cover has a special message from Elizabeth Dole, who was Secretary of the Department of Transportation at the time. Most of the story takes place in a dream, with Supergirl meeting pigs who're Road Hogs, Humpty Dumpty, and all sorts of other bizarre elements.

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