Mary Jane and Sniffles in Noteville

Here's my favorite "Mary Jane and Sniffles" story, the one that I started to mention at dinner.  Mary Jane is listening to the radio, but her mother reminds her that it's nap time.  When the girl shuts off the radio, the notes rebel and run away.  As Sniffles reminds here "We've got to get those notes back in your radio or it won't ever play music again."  They discover Noteville, where Mary Jane is tried and sentenced for interrupting the music. It seems like a very odd moral to me.

This story originally ran in Four Color #474 "Mary Jane and Sniffles," but the copy I have is from a giveaway from the Bob White Theatre in Portland, Oregon.  Here's the cover:

Here's the full story. Click on a page to see the larger image.