Separated at Birth? #1

I was reading the Art Spiegelman chapter of Arie Kaplan's "Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed!" In it he mentioned Spiegelman's "Ace Hole Midget Detective."  Of course this reminded me of Hanna-Barbera's Saturday morning cartoon "Inch High Private Eye."  I wondered which came first?

Kaplan cites 1974 as the year Spiegelman published Ace Hole, while Inch High ran on NBC starting in September, 1973.  Pretty close. Maybe something was in the water.  Or, maybe this was a prior term. This site says that "One Inch High Private Eye" is slang for a "short person usually found in the work place who is enjoys snitching on fellow colleagues to the big boss."  Or, maybe the phrase is some derogatory slang for the male member?

Art Spiegelman's "Ace Hole Midget Detective"

Hanna-Barbera's "Inch High Private Eye"