Am I Feeling Lucky?

I'm digitizing some of my older comics so I can read them on the iPad.

My basic process is this:
  • Use a copy stand with cool lighting
  • I have a Canon TR3i digital SLR
  • Photograph each page
  • Copy the files to my computer and use Picasa to apply the following
    • Crop the page
    • Use the straighten function if necessary
    • Click on "I'm Feeling Lucky"
    • Export all the photos as 1600 pixel JPGs with Automatic quality
  • Make sure the image files are named sequentially. For example, for Detective 117, the cover is called Detective117-00.jpg, the inside front cover is Detective117-01.jpg, first page is Detective117-02.jpg, etc.
  • Compress these files into a .zip file named after the comic (Detective117.zip)
  • Then rename the file so comic book readers will recognize it: Detective117.cbz

So far I don't have any problems. The comics look very nice on the iPad. The only thing troubling me, however, is that I'm losing some of the sense of age of the comic. Most people would think this is a good thing -- all the better if it looks brand new.  But something is lost there if Batman is too brightly colored on the page.

This leads me to my question: Should I use Picasa's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in my process, or just leave it?

Here's a split image - the left side is without the "I'm Feeling Lucky", while the right has been slightly brightened.  Which is "better"?

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