Ziggy Loses It for Christmas

Both Ziggy and Family Circus have their critics, but yesterday's examples were the epitomes. Family Circus focuses too much cute kids, to the exclusion of being funny. The Christmas edition for 2010 has no punch line, but I suppose it's an acceptable version of the "Merry Christmas" strip.

Ziggy, on the other hand, long-criticized as irrelevant, hammers that point home with an inscrutable Batman / Spongebob movie mashup. Wha?

Is the "joke" that Ziggy is such a loser he's going to see a movie on Christmas? Or, maybe it's that he's going to see a really old movie, since there hasn't been a SpongeBob movie in the theater since 2004. I think the real joke is that my local paper continues to pay to run Ziggy on the comic page while laying off local writers, except I don't see any humor in it.