20 Reasons Superhero Comics Fail as Movies

1. Movies are novels or novellas with a definite story arc. Comics are really soap operas with multiple leads and plots.

2. In comics the action occurs between the panels, in your head. What's in your head is usually better than what's on screen.

3. Bad movies may stink, but great movies still lack the scent of comic book ink.

4. When movies were a quarter comics were a dime. Now movies are $9 and comics are only $3.95.

5. Producing a movie is so expensive that it's better to play safe. The relatively cheaper production cost of comics allows for greater risks and exploration.

6. Movie producers keep starting at the origin  -- get past that!

7. Comics don't have to pretend to be real.

8. Comics have visual sound effects

9. Comics can explore the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters... movies are purely visual

10. Comics can be non-linear: splash pages, inserts, maps, etc.  You are the director of your vision.

11. In a comic book an exclamation point is exciting, but in a movie it's just yelling.

12. Illustrated stories (comics) are the first, best portable viewer.

13. Jack Kirby never directed a movie

14. Comics move at the viewer's pace: savor the slow parts, speed along with the excitement, re-read the amazing.

15. Movies have too much ego. A recognizable actor's face can interrupt the movie...

16. Movies always want to change the game...(think "Dune")

17. ...but they forget these massive changes with the next movie. Comics keep to the canon.

19. Comics provide for graphic idioms. Have you ever seen successful "speed lines" in a movie?

20. Not everyone looks good in red underwear...unless they're drawn that way.

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